Paul Digby

Portraits of Emotions (workshops)

Paul worked with Artforms, the music and arts service for children and young people to make contact with four schools where he delivered Portrait Workshops. Two Leeds Met. University Fine Art students, Sarah-Ann Maden and Serena Comrie assisted in the delivery of the workshops. The children were taught basic portrait drawing techniques (e.g. cross hatching, light and dark study, proportions etc.), asked to draw either themselves or a friend and to respond to happiness.

During the project the artist, along with two Leeds Met. University students Sarah Maden and Serena Comrie, delivered a series of workshops to four schools in Leeds. The schools involved were Chapel Allerton Primary, Blenheim Primary, Leeds City Academy and Little London Primary. The children created approximately 200 drawings. Due to quantity of work produced, the artist alongside Artforms staff, have identified a selection of pictures for the website. All of the drawings will feature in the exhibition to be held in the Tetley Gallery in 2015.

Part of our role within ArtForms Arts Development is to broker relationships between the arts and cultural sector and schools. When Paul approached us with the details of the project we were pleased to be able to facilitate the process.

Working alongside a ‘real’ artist, learning from an expert and meeting someone who has forged a career in the arts all add up to being a memorable lesson for the children who participated in Paul’s workshops. Whilst many schools explore and create portraits through various aspects of their curriculum, it is a fairly unique experience for a student to work with somebody who makes their living by painting portraits (amongst other things!).

The workshops were also special because, whilst they were self contained, they each formed part of a much bigger picture (excuse the pun) through the Portraits of Emotion website and exhibition. Having work displayed in The Tetley is a coup for any artist, but particularly so if you are a young person.001-1















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