Paul Digby is a Leeds-based artist who graduated in 1997 from Norwich University College of the Arts (BA Hons.) and the University of Leeds (MFA) in 2002.

Paul has work in the Welcome Trust Collection and with private collectors. He has exhibited in including the EAST Gallery, RBS Gallery, Leeds City Gallery, the Cornerhouse in Manchester and the Saatchi Gallery. Paul has held residencies in High Royds and Rampton Hospital.

Paul has managed large funding applications and delivered programmes collaborating with major arts and non-arts organisations.

Paul’s practice consists of community engagement, sculptures, drawings, paintings and installations.

Through his practice Paul celebrates place and people.

“I developed an interest in psychiatric diagnosis whilst on my MA University of Leeds and have moved towards researching areas involved with Neuro-plasticity, the relationship between the brain and environment. In my practice I aim to capture this and our evolved need for narrative. Experimental Psychologist Bruce Hood argues “that the self – this entity at the centre of our personal universe – is actually just a story, a constructed narrative”. I think we attribute a Self narrative construct in to our creative practice, we can then place any manifestations within a physical space and a consciousness.”

Paul sat on the steering group for the Yorkshire and Humber Contemporary Visual Arts Network (2010-18), an organisation set up to help stimulate the regions art economy.

Paul was Director of the National Arts and Science Network (2010-2013) which had a succession of ACE commissions for stimulating dialogue between the arts and sciences with a series of exhibitions, conferences and seminars in the Yorkshire region. NASN consisted of a twelve person board and four staff.

Paul works across education in HEI, FE, Primary/Secondary and adult education delivering courses, workshops and presentations on practice development, materials and techniques.