Untitled series

This is a series of paintings and drawings. To achieve them Paul manipulates digital images on photoshop and then scales them up and draws the images out on to A3 or A2 paper. He then mixes the paint and applies or works with graphite on paper with a grain. Whilst Paul works he would listen to the positive transformative inspiring sounds found in house, acid house and rave music from between 1986 and 1992.

These works were shown in Scarborough Art Gallery, AiR Open, Depot Arts, Saul Hay Gallery, Huddersfield Gallery, the Bowes Museum, Bankside London and Tulsie House.

With funding from the Eaton Foundation and Openhiem Trust.

At home and at work

2009-10 Gouache on paper

These series of paintings feature people in isolation and alienation. They are partly from memory and partly fabricated. They feature people in emotional distress, at the beginning and end of a chapter in there lives.

Interior and exterior

2008 Gouache on paper

“The flat poster-paint colours of Paul Digby’s paintings relate intriguingly to their emotional ambiguity; their ubiquitous searing blue skies are particularly haunting (is it a searing cold or searing heat?). The flat planes and complex, fractured patterning displayed here seem to recall the ‘neural geometries’ that so obsessed J.G. Ballard. Images that reward meditation.”

Dr. Sam Francis