Transcending the figure:


This is a project led by Paul Digby from between 2016 and 2019. During this period Paul worked with the emergency services drawing and sculpting them in classical poses. The project involved a series of collaborations with different community groups including schools, universities, galleries and museums. Part of the original concept and intention was to celebrate the front line of the public sector.

As well as the sculptures and drawings Paul delivered a series of workshops to Shakespeare Primary school and the COOP Academy secondary school in Leeds, as well as Lionwood Infants school in Norwich. The children created a small clay figurative sculpture each. 

All the work including the 700 figures made in schools are to be displayed in Norwich, Sheffield, Manchester, York and North Lincolnshire. There are a series of lectures planned in Leeds, York, Norwich, Manchester, North Lincolnshire and other places throughout the UK. There was an art and education seminar held in Leeds Beckett University in 2018 with another event planned for 2019.  

Film link about the project:

Yorkshire Sculpture Triangle


A community engagement project for the Yorkshire Sculpture Triangle

delivering a series of workshops, exhibitions and discussions with community

groups visiting the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, The Hepworth and the Henry

Moore Institute. Partners: AXIS, Leeds Beckett University student volunteers and the Workers Education Association.

Portraits of Emotions


A series of paintings and drawings of people expressing emotions of joy, anger and sadness. A series of portrait drawing workshops within Leeds primary and secondary schools, including volunteer Fine Art Student coordination. Interviews with the portrait participants. Funded by ACE GftA and supported by the Tetley Gallery, with a final exhibition and talk were held here in 2015. The work was also shown in University of Leeds School of Medicine, ESA Union 105 and Warren Street Pop up space and Munroe House Gallery. Permanently on display in Leeds City Council buildings.



Styrofoam, plaster, paint and epoxy resin Life size sculpture.

Collaboration with