Paul Digby

Nothing is how it seems, it seems.


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The marks I make including words, lines, dots etc. are all part of an illusion. What is tangible and real is specific to human narrative constructs devised to define objectives in order that I can understand the world around me clearer. These definitions are predominantly the materials I use are equal in labelling definition to the function of the objects e.g. a chair, a computer, a painting etc. but not in definition to the use of the material object. For example a painting or chair’s use can be subjective and used for things other than there function where as materials remain objective. I have a hierarchy of emphasis determined from our evolved narrative constructs.
As an artist I prioritise with the materials, which manifest themselves specific to an idea and in order to attain an aesthetic specific to the conception of the idea. This idea is some thing I attach myself to as well as let go of and this conflict helps me manifest the painting, drawing etc.

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