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I have been not sleeping thinking about what to write about my work. I am not averse to saying stuff like my practice’s context is about the manifestation of materials that contrasts with an arrangement of knowledge. Or that my practice is a balance between an academic aesthetic context and a commercial viability or a sustainable model of enterprise. 

I have stood with groups of people and read text written in galleries by curators of gallerists and after a while and lots of discussion it begins to make sense but no matter what I write at the moment, it isn’t enough. 

What I am interested in is people’s response to my work. What do people think about what I do? Who is looking at my work and how does it make them feel? 

I can write about the drawings, paintings  and sculptures I have made, as I have done with some satisfaction!,  about the materials I use, the process I undertook and references. However I think some people expect more and to be honest I don’t feel that there is any more than this. 

After years of reading subjective arts texts I began to read more popular science books because they seem closer to a kind of truth and I still feel this way. 

So my conclusion is visit galleries and look at art, and talk about it with other people, preferably friends!

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